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Our physical store Starr Gems Inc. is officially closed. We appreciate your patronage during our last 56 years of business.

Our website order form is currently down while we resituate ourselves. We are currently not taking any orders. Our online presence will resume in spring 2024, along with hopefully the launch of a new website.

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.999 Fine Silver
Available .999 Fine Silver Shapes:
Sheet    Round Wire    Bezel Wire

To provide the most current and competitive prices, our Sterling Silver, Fine Silver and Silver Solder product prices are calculated using the current spot (commodity) price of silver, with quantity discounts provided based on the total combined ounces of these products ordered. Factored in to the cost of each item is a base price that's added to the spot price of silver to calculate the price. More difficult to fabricate shapes such as fancy bezels and tubing have higher base prices than simpler shapes like round wire and sheet. The base prices decrease as the combined ounces of Sterling Silver, Fine Silver and Silver Solder ordered increases, with price breaks provided at 3, 10, 25, 50 and 100 total combined ounces.

Our Silver Order Wizard tracks silver products for your pending order by placing them in a virtual basket, tallies and displays the combined weight of silver products as they're ordered, and automatically calculates/recalculates discounted prices for you as you change quantities or add or delete items from your silver basket. When you're ready to place your order, you can direct the Silver Order Wizard to automatically transfer your silver basket to your order form.

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