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Optivisor Equipment Care and Use

How to use the OptiVisor
The OptiVisor is manufactured in six different powers for use in different applications. The number in the upper left-hand corner of the lens plate indicated the approximate diopter power of the lens. The following chart shows the focal length and magnification for each lens plate.
Focal distances will vary with the individual and are given only as an approximation.

The OptiVisor should be worn squarely on the head with the center of the lens plate at the bridge of the nose. By adjusting the knob at the rear of the unit, enough tension can be applied to hold the headband in place. The adjustable pivots on either side of the visor should be tightened with enough tension to hold the lens in front of the eyes as well as up out of the path of vision when not in use.

Optical Components:
The lens plate consists of two individual magnifying lenses manufactured from a controlled index of refractive crown glass. The lenses are ground and polished to the same precision standards as ophthalmic eyeglass lenses. The lenses are prismatic in accordance with the power and focal length. The purpose of the prismatic lens is to assist both eyes to converge on the object being viewed at a closer than normal distance as necessary for magnification.

Lens Plate No. Magnifies Focal Length
2 1.5x 20"
3 1.75x 14"
4 2x 10"
5 2.5x 8"
7 2.75x 6"
10 3.5x 4"

The greater the magnification, the shorter the focal length and the smaller the field of view. Therefore, the least power necessary to meet your magnifying requirements should be selected. All of the above listed lens plates are interchangeable on the OptiVisor. To change the lens plate, push the fasteners out from the back, inside visor and snap in the replacement lens plate.


How to care for the OptiVisor
The OptiVisor lenses are glass and much more scratch-resistant than plastic lenses. To avoid scratching highly polished lens surfaces, wash in warm soapy water or lens cleaner and dry with a clean soft cloth. Never use abrasive cleaners.

OptiVisor is not a safety device and should be worn over safety glasses when safety is a concern. The OptiVisor is designed to be worn over prescription eyeglasses, and not to replace them.


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