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Available Silver Solders:
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Wire Silver Solder

Silver Solder Wire
Description Melt Point Flow Point Size/Oz* Item # Quantity Order
#355 Extra Easy Wire Silver Solder 1145° F 1205° F 228" 11.10.055  Inches
#65 Easy Flow Wire Silver Solder 1240° F 1355° F 228" 11.10.065  Inches
#70 Medium Wire Silver Solder 1275° F 1360° F 228" 11.10.070  Inches
#75 Hard Wire Silver Silver Solder 1365° F 1450° F 228" 11.10.075  Inches
*Note: Size/Oz and Price per Inch or Sq/In figures provided are rounded, but close approximations. The actual cost of these items may vary slightly with our cutting and between different lots and manufacturers of the item, with orders being filled according to the specified piece length or size, but charged according the piece's actual measured weight, not by its length or area.
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