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How To Choose The Right File For The Job

Basic Application Type of File Recommended
Flat surfaces Hand
Flat surfaces-slots Pillar
Curved surfaces-corners-holes Half-Round
Curved surfaces-junctures of curved and flat surfaces-corners-holes Crossing
Corners-holes-edges Three-Square
Slots-wedge-shaped openings Knife
Corners-slots Slitting
Slots Warding
Corners-slots Equalling
Edges, joints Joint
Flat surfaces-corners-keyways dovetail ways-gear teeth-deburring Barrette
Round inside corners-holes Round
Corners-holes Square
Rounded corners-slots-flat surfaces-junctures between curved and Crochet
flat surfaces
Rounded corners-holes-"V" slots Pippin
Roughening surfaces for hand grips Checkering
Slots Screwhead

As shown in the File Finder chart, each configuration calls for a different type of file. There is more to file selection than shape alone. The cut selected is equally important. Determination of cut dependson the type and form of material to be worked, amount of material to be removed and the finish desired. For example, rapid removal of stock often indicates a No. 00 cut, while working on narrowsurfaces would suggest a No. 2 cut and final finishing operations might take a fine cut such as No. 4. Inthe final analysis, file selection cannot be reduced to a formula or table but will be based to a great degree on experience and common sense. Whatever type, shape, size or cut may be required, one thingis certain: there is a Grobet-Swiss precision file that meets the specifications. And the accuracy and finish delivered by these files will clearly show why craftsmen have made Grobet Swiss the leader inprecision files for so many years.

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