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Burs and Carving Accessories

Master Swiss Bur Set
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52.70.001 Master Swiss Bur Set $55.95
Swiss made, 3/32" Shank (2.35mm) made of Tungsten Vanadium.

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52.70.002 24 PC Swiss Bur Set Assortment $37.95
Swiss made 3/32" shanks .

Delux Carving Kit
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52.70.003 Deluxe Carving Kit $21.95
Contains 12 assorted burs w/ 1/8" shanks, Swiss made .

24 PC Wax Bur Set
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52.70.004 24 PC Wax Bur Set $59.95
Swiss made 3/32" Shanks, also excellent for woodworking and plastic.

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